‘if a cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind… ‘

well, its Saturday.. again. Saturdays always seem like an innocent beautiful days with no reasons to get up early tomorrow, but for me Saturday is always about you being expected to do thousands of things, as it’s not chill out Sunday yet, and it’s not ‘i’m so tired after work’ Friday neither.
So, if you are invited somewhere and it’s on Saturday, you have no excuses not to go, if it’s your friend who need help painting the room on Saturday you can’t say that you are tired- well you had all Friday to be tired, or had you not?

Unless, there is always an ‘unless’, well, unless you signed up to school and have loads, and i mean LOOOAAADS of projects to do, then Saturday seems like a perfect day for doing it. So here I am, with loads of projects to do, on Saturday, sitting in the garden drinking wine, enjoying (more or less) my teenage-neighbours music.
Obviously I am not supposed to sit in the garden, my project is, unfortunately, not about bird observation I do have, on the other hand a lot of sketches to do which are so technical that saturday seems like the worst day for doing it.  Continue reading

cold cold warm warm hot hotter SCANDINAVIA

there is a lot going on in design, when it comes to the Northern Europe, lately…dozen years ago the only think that i knew is from scandinavia was Ikea, and i loved it (still do) !

well, now, as my interests got older, and I got younger… I am virtually amazed by scandinavian designers and theirs projects. clean form, wood, light colours, warm lighting, there is no over-doing anything, there is never too much clutter anywhere, everything seems so perfectly plain ? 

Well, I obviously started with the bookshop, and found ‘Scandinavian Modern’ by Magnus England and Christina Schmidtt, went through it, loved it and started wondering where did that style of design come from? the hotter it got in the garden the more my mind wandered to Scandinavia…

Well, almost sunburned had no desire for any kind of activity, so I did start browsing our, oh how much loved web, and got astounded.

Scandinavian chair from 1925 by Erik Gunnar Asplund made from leather, fruitwood, plastic and brass, would easily suit today’s houses. 

The house shown designed by Schjelderup Trondahl Architects AS in Norway makes you wanna put a cosy knit sweater on move in with a cup of cocoa in your hand. Image         Image   There are obviously more accessible products than Asplund’s lounge chair.. Starting with scandi-style modern lamps to assemble yourself! ImageImage   Knit-style pieces of ceramics for everyday use. Image   And to finish with…. Image


So, all of you, garden done… now let’s go upstream, let’s SCANDI our house and ourselves this summer !!!



fancy Scandinavian shopping? try Smörgåsbord of Scandinavian Design, or obviously, unmistakably chic & cheap IKEA!!!

is it hot enough?

won’t start from the beginning, as i’ve always wanted to start from the middle.

If the kitchen is the heart of the house, we are gonna start from a belly button- our garden, balcony or even a parking space.

This is where you really want to sit all Summer, but we don’t really do, are we? Why?

It’s too messy, needs too much work, excuses excuses excuses.

What we need is rediscover our inner potential, and our garden potential. You don’t have to buy a new furniture! do throw away that old garden umbrella that sticks out of the middle of your table, though! & do get a canopy! Ikea offers one for £25.  Is your fence not all that nice and beautiful? Use a bold colour, buy a brush and do it yourself.
Any colour, really. Yellow, green, lime, red, or orange! Might be even pink.
Few outdoor pillows in the same colours.
Few planters with flowers, or if you really want to go all posh nosh buy a big bonsai or two, or a Japanese style plant. Candles will not do any harm neither. Declutter the rest.

Make yourself a mojito, read the book.   ww.900house.com/images/Small-Modern-Minimalist-Garden-Design-900x600.jpg