‘if a cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind… ‘

well, its Saturday.. again. Saturdays always seem like an innocent beautiful days with no reasons to get up early tomorrow, but for me Saturday is always about you being expected to do thousands of things, as it’s not chill out Sunday yet, and it’s not ‘i’m so tired after work’ Friday neither.
So, if you are invited somewhere and it’s on Saturday, you have no excuses not to go, if it’s your friend who need help painting the room on Saturday you can’t say that you are tired- well you had all Friday to be tired, or had you not?

Unless, there is always an ‘unless’, well, unless you signed up to school and have loads, and i mean LOOOAAADS of projects to do, then Saturday seems like a perfect day for doing it. So here I am, with loads of projects to do, on Saturday, sitting in the garden drinking wine, enjoying (more or less) my teenage-neighbours music.
Obviously I am not supposed to sit in the garden, my project is, unfortunately, not about bird observation I do have, on the other hand a lot of sketches to do which are so technical that saturday seems like the worst day for doing it. 

Do not think I wasn’t trying, I’ve tried hard. But as the times I had desk in my room are all long gone, and I am far away from being well-off enough for having my home office well, I do have my own table to sit, therefore I sat with all materials on my dining table, don’t get me wrong, I do love that dining table! it just made me thinking… what is the prefect space to study? To focus on work and to relax in the same time?

Is it even possible to have a space which you have to use in so many different ways, 12 years ago my desk had everything I needed- computer, internet with chat rooms, thousands of diaries with two filled up pages, few CD’s, couple of drawers with books, and I was so happy to sit on that chair, to do my nails on that desk, to take first ever selfies with first ever digital camera taken, and now… I do need so many different places to do all that it is unreal.

And what I really think is missing is that desk, with laptop on, printer, my books, drawer for not that much used things, beautiful lamp. So me being me, called needy few too many times in my life, decided to get a desk. Small one, perfect one.

Obviously I can’t decide what way to go, if to go all minimalistic scandinavian charming, or to go professional clean sharp.

When designing a space where you know you will have to focus and relax have a long conversation with yourself what you really like.
I wouldn’t advise to put too many patterns around, as it will look pretty, but make your mind wander.

Well, for all of you who are thinking of getting that long forgotten piece of furniture to your adult life here are few pieces that I am dreaming about.




Even if you are planning to put the desk in the corner of your room it is always a good idea to separate it with colour just get the paint and paint the area you want your desk to stand, if you really want to have a designed space do not stop painting when you will reach the ceiling paint your ceiling the same colour as your wall about 1meter into the room. If you are not a fantastic painter, it might be a good idea to pay somebody to do it, as the edges MUST be straight and clean.  For furniture above go for greyish tones. Make sure the colour has that warm feeling to it. I did find some useful inspiration in Kevin McCloud’s book ‘choosing colours’, he’s oh how aptly, calling it the colours of pebbles.

Add some pictures in white frames and your new, one might say ‘corner office’ is ready!


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