is it hot enough?

won’t start from the beginning, as i’ve always wanted to start from the middle.

If the kitchen is the heart of the house, we are gonna start from a belly button- our garden, balcony or even a parking space.

This is where you really want to sit all Summer, but we don’t really do, are we? Why?

It’s too messy, needs too much work, excuses excuses excuses.

What we need is rediscover our inner potential, and our garden potential. You don’t have to buy a new furniture! do throw away that old garden umbrella that sticks out of the middle of your table, though! & do get a canopy! Ikea offers one for £25.  Is your fence not all that nice and beautiful? Use a bold colour, buy a brush and do it yourself.
Any colour, really. Yellow, green, lime, red, or orange! Might be even pink.
Few outdoor pillows in the same colours.
Few planters with flowers, or if you really want to go all posh nosh buy a big bonsai or two, or a Japanese style plant. Candles will not do any harm neither. Declutter the rest.

Make yourself a mojito, read the book.