‘if a cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind… ‘

well, its Saturday.. again. Saturdays always seem like an innocent beautiful days with no reasons to get up early tomorrow, but for me Saturday is always about you being expected to do thousands of things, as it’s not chill out Sunday yet, and it’s not ‘i’m so tired after work’ Friday neither.
So, if you are invited somewhere and it’s on Saturday, you have no excuses not to go, if it’s your friend who need help painting the room on Saturday you can’t say that you are tired- well you had all Friday to be tired, or had you not?

Unless, there is always an ‘unless’, well, unless you signed up to school and have loads, and i mean LOOOAAADS of projects to do, then Saturday seems like a perfect day for doing it. So here I am, with loads of projects to do, on Saturday, sitting in the garden drinking wine, enjoying (more or less) my teenage-neighbours music.
Obviously I am not supposed to sit in the garden, my project is, unfortunately, not about bird observation I do have, on the other hand a lot of sketches to do which are so technical that saturday seems like the worst day for doing it.  Continue reading